Golden Ticket WordPress Plugin

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is a WordPress plugin which encourages user interaction on your website. When used properly, Golden Ticket will increase your page views, time on site, interaction, and conversions.

The theory is simple, you hide these tickets randomly throughout your content. After something triggers the ticket (this something is user definable), your ticket slides into view, revealing a bonus for your reader thanking them for reading your content. This is a great way to reward those visitors who actually stay and read your content. By setting a user interaction trigger to show the ticket you’re almost guaranteed to target a user who is interested in reading your content.

Golden Ticket is not for things like opt-in forms, or banner ads. It’s designed to give the reader something as a reward.

Golden Ticket WordPress Plugin

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Golden Ticket

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The Golden Ticket WordPress Plugin

Showing Tickets

There are three ways you can trigger your ticket to show.


    By setting a timed delay of 30 seconds or more, you’re almost guaranteed to target a user who is interested in reading your content. A timed delay does not track the users mouse movements, and it does not track where the user is in the article, it simply waits the specified amount of time, then gently slides the ticket into view.


    Set an invisible trigger to show the ticket. Using this option, if a user follows along the content using their mouse as a sort of skimming tool (which many readers do), and they happen to mouse over your the area where you inserted your golden ticket, the ticket will reveal itself. This is great as their eyes are already focused on that area of the screen, and if something slides into view, it will most certainly grab their attention.


    If you place your tickets further down the page, and want it to appear automatically when a user scrolls down to that point in your content, you can use this option. The ticket will be invisible on page load, and will only slide into view once a user scrolls down the page to the position where you inserted your ticket.


    You also have the option to set multiple triggers. So if you want both the mouse over trigger, and the timed delay trigger, you can do that. It’s just a matter of checking the right checkboxes and setting a timed delay value.

The Golden Ticket Add-on


There are a few add-ons to increase the functionality of Golden Ticket.

Upload Multiple Tickets

This allows you to store an unlimited number of tickets for Golden Ticket to use.

Auto Insert Tickets

Automatically place your tickets in all content. You specify which content types get tickets, and how far down the content to put the ticket.


Make your tickets clickable. If you want to do more than just provide information, or a coupon code, this will allow you to make the tickets clickable.


Set the odds of a ticket showing up. For example, you can set it so that only 1 in 10 visitors will be shown a ticket.

Photoshop Ticket Template

A photoshop file containing the exact layout you see below. There are three styles of tickets in this file. You may add your own ticket backgrounds and text also.

Add-on Bundle

Get our full set of add-ons. All add-ons listed above are included in this package.

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